Theory Test


Get all the help you need with the theory test.

As part of the process of gaining a full driving licence, you will need to pass the driving theory test. This has to be taken and passed before you are allowed to apply for a practical test. Most people learn for the theory while they are in the process of taking their driving lessons. This approach means that what you learn from the theory can be applied in your practical lessons and the theory will also be seen to be relevant to real life driving.

The theory test is in two parts. The first consists of 50 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of of 43 and the second part consists of 14 clips of film during which you have to click the mouse when you identify developing hazards. The pass mark is 44 out of a possible 75 marks. You need to pass both parts of the test at the same time to achieve a pass. At the end of the test the invigilator will hand you a piece of paper informing you whether you have passed and what score you got. If you have passed this will constitute your theory test certificate.

How to learn for the theory test

There are many different resources available. The Highway Code contains all the essential information and is a must read for anyone learning to drive. In addition there is the official theory test revision book and numerous apps and dvds with both theory test questions and hazard perception practice clips. One word of warning though – whatever resource you use make sure that it contains ALL the official theory test revision questions.

Whatever resources you use I am happy to give you all the help you need and if you have any questions just ask!